Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Volvos and V8s go together like Ikea furniture and orthogonality. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe trumped up 240 is probably pretty good on the straights, but will its price throw you for a curve?

I don't normally like to on Mondays reference Friday's results, preferring instead to start the week Groundhog Day-like as though nothing has previously transpired, but last week's ender, the Freakshow Flareside warrants special dispensation. That's because it seemed not only to engender a lack of enthusiasm for its price (93% Crack Pipe vote), but also open hostility for its very existence. It was a little scary watching it all play out.

As I'm not certain the weekend alone could have cooled your wrath, I thought maybe we'd start the week with something most of us would agree is - in concept at least - more universally appealing. That'll leave only the weighing of its execution in relation to price as our Monday brainwork, which shouldn't piss off too many.


Volvo's 200 series seemed born to rock a V8, despite its original 4-banger-only debut. The engine bay of the mainstream Swede demonstrates the advantages of its boxy design, offering room to spare and a frontal area of sufficient expanse that - while providing the aerodynamics of a Gunnar Asplund edifice - offers room for a generous radiator.


Today's 1982 242 GLT originally arrived with Volvo's B-series, a four cylinder canted over 15 degrees and appearing like half a V8, which may have been the inspiration for many a V8lvo conversion. That four is gone, but in its place sits an SBC that with its Holley 4BBL and Flowmasters should be anything but SBD.

The seller notes in his ad that a T5 backs up the hot motor, and chassis bracing from Volvo speed freaks IPD keep the platform from tweaking like a trailer park teen. Factory brakes have received braided lines and are wrapped in 15" Virgo alloys. Out back, the stock Dana 30 rear end may be the car's only notable weak link.


Visually, the car is complete and with its grey primer coat and blackout grille and headlamp rings, it looks a little like Pris from Blade Runner. A VOLVO-emblazoned rear reflector panel has requires the relocation of the rear number plate to the bumper region, which, depending on your state's road rules, could get you a fixit ticket for its lack of illumination. Of course, considering the potent potable under the hood, they'd have to catch you first.


Should you choose to attempt an escape from John Law, or if you just want to motor sedately to Starbucks for a jolt, you'd be doing so in Recaro buckets while keeping a tab on things with Autometer gauges. The rest of the interior looks complete and fully manual, including the windows and sunroof. On the plus side, it also has a cool R-Sport three-spoke for all your steering and place to put your hands needs. The chassis is said to have over 220K on it, but this being a 200 series that's like saying it just rolled off the assembly line, while the engine conversion is claimed to be done five years and ten thousand ago.


The seller says this car is his beloved, but now that he has an S60R his passion for the relationship has cooled. Not to judge, but if I were his significant other, I'd view that as a dark omen. Less dark perhaps is this Volvo's price tag - which is $3,500 - but then, that's for you to decide. What do you think about that price for this V8vlo? Does that seem like a fair deal for this høt rød? Or, is this a Swede speed for which a price cut is in desperate need?

You decide!


Seattle Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Jay Senna for the hookup!

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