Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

The Testarossa was not Ferrari's finest hour, but that doesn't mean custom pickup truck builders should be barred from emulating its cheese-grater appearance. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Nissan is a fine example, but does its price grate on you?

It would be hard to come across a more sketchy deal than yesterday's bizarre Mercedes Benz G-500 with a Ford 302, unless it had been proffered by a Nigerian prince who had lost his passport and cash in the UK and needed someone to stuff envelopes for cash in order to secure 11 million dollars in untraceable gold bullion international lottery winnings and lolcats. A highly skeptical 65% of you sent it to the Crack Pipe spam filter, unswayed by its intrigue or the vague promise of lolcats.

Perhaps less sketchy, but still looking like something actually sketched on a seventh grader's notebook is what is described by its North Carolina seller as the Truxarossa. The South is an interesting place, populated by interesting people. People with unique and sometimes contrary images of the world order. What was called the American Civil War everywhere else, was referred to in the South as The War of Northern Aggression. What was it that made those Northerners get all their panties in a bunch? Quite possibly it was something like the Truxarossa.


The D21 Nissan Pickup was dubbed by its manufacturer the Hard Body, and the trucks angular, chiseled appearance bore that name out. In the case of this 1991 edition, somebody eschewed that hard body for one that looks like the result of an unholy coupling of the Pillsbury Doughboy and Gumby. Like that Gilbert Stuart painting of George Washington that graced everybody's 4th grade classroom this truck is a work in progress, although it looks driveable in its current state - which, if I didn't mention it, is North Carolina.

No evidence of the D21's original bodywork appears extant on this Bondo and fiberglass bedecked truck, save for the standard cab roof and dumbo-ear mirrors. Strakes sprout from each door, leading into massive faux scoops ahead of the rear wheels. They also make for handy steps to the roof and spoiler-equipped bed cap in case you wanted to climb up there at, oh say a NASCAR race, and flash everyone your boobs.


Up front the simple horizontal grille has been supplanted by one that's more expressive, while out back the stock tail lights cap flared fenders that bookend a stock tailgate. That gate has had its handle shaved like a Brazilian, as have the doors, meaning getting inside probably means poppers and a prayer for a strong battery. That's likely the only option as the interior door latch seems to have gone missing as well, making the reach-around option ineffectual. Once you're in there, you'll notice a pair of Recaro seats and a stick shift, the latter meaning that the big-ass 2.4-litre four under the hood should be able to send most of its 134-bhp to the rear wheels.


Not that you'd want to send them there unless your driving surface is mirror smooth as the Truxarossa has been dropped to the point that every railroad crossing and splayed road possum will be a white knuckler for fear of cracking the oil pan like an egg. Of course it's possible that it hasn't actually been dropped, but that there's so much Bondo on the truck that the springs just plain can't cope - sort of like Paul Prudhomme's knees. Not mirror smooth is the bodywork that Bondo covers, which has all the rumpled bumpiness of the Pillsbury Doughboy's hot cross buns. That's likely due to the fact that this trucks mods are only half complete, and the patina of Bondo dust evident on the windows and miss-matched wheels bares this out.

Magnolia trees, mint juleps, and food so good it could kill you, the South has a lot going for it. And what better reason to travel there and experience it for yourself than to purchase and drive home a new and exciting project vehicle. At $3,300, or a trade for something mulleticious, the Tuxarossa could make that dream come true for one lucky buyer. Just don't call the seller after 8 pm, ‘cause that's Willy's time! What do you think, is this custom worth that kind of cash? Or, does that price weigh heavier on it than all the Bondo?


You decide!

Winston Salem Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears. H/T to Cortinanut for the hookup!


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