For $3,250, You Could Get Back Jack With This 1987 Nissan Pulsar NX Sportback

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Pulsars are the universe’s disco lights. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Nissan Pulsar might just light up your life, that is if its price doesn’t make you say good night.

So, fully 55% of you wouldn’t pony up the paltry twenty-four hundred yesterday’s 2003 Crown Vic P71 asked. What’s up with that? I get that the car was presented in a poor light, what with all the finger pics and the trash strewn throughout, but come on, the wheels alone must be worth at least a quarter of that.

Oh well, I guess the heyday of the Panther cop car is in the rearview.

You know what’s also in the past but that we’re bringing back with a vengeance? That’s right, MC Hammer and his parachute pants! No wait, that’s not right. What we’re really bringing back—or more appropriately pointing out still thankfully exists—is this 1987 Nissan Pulsar NX with its Sportback hatch.


Why’s that such a big deal? Well, look at a modern Nissan Versa… Okay, now looks at the Pulsar. Now the Versa. Now the Pulsar. Yeah, you get it, Nissan’s cheap seats cars have gotten pretty boring over the years. Sure, they make the Juke, but does that barstool on wheels offer pop-up headlights? Does it come with a T-roof? Could you pop its hatch off and replace it with one that visually transforms the car? If you answered “why hell no!” to all of those questions, then come with me.


The Pulsar does all of those things. And with the Sportback hatch it also serves as one of the world’s only T-roof shooting brakes, which has got to be worth a free breakfast at Denny’s, at least on your birthday.

Most N13 Pulsars (called the EXA in the JDM) came with a notchback hatch that gave the car a balanced appearance echoing the lines of both the 300ZX and the first-gen Pathfinder. That hatch however, was removable and replaceable, giving the car the versatility previously only teased by concept cars like Ford’s 1976 Ghia-designed Prima.


Add to that the standard pop-up lights, which we all know we love, and T-roof top and you’ve got yourself one funky monkey of a car. Why then, are these so rare today?


This one comes with all the visual goodies, including that wagon-esque Sportback hatch. Its black over grey and the ad says that it “runs smoothly.” That ad also notes that the paint and interior are in great shape and that the car comes with an insubstantial 142,000 on the clock.

What’s not to like here? Well, while the Pulsar portended great things with its styling and features, the chassis and drivetrain underneath were anything but remarkable. The N13 is based on the Sunny which was a bit of a snoozer. This car has a 1.6-litre four pumping a puny 70-bhp to its front wheels through a dull as dishwater three-speed automatic. With only about 2,400-lbs to haul around that combo should prove capable of zero to sixty times of around 13 seconds. Yeah, it’s more a car to be appreciated aesthetically than actively.


Of course that’s just part of its throw-back charm. Today’s cars don’t let you enjoy the scenery seeing how fast they’re all zipping around. With its T-tops, removable hatch and leisurely pace, this Pulsar will let you experience far more of life’s pleasures along the way.


Of course, before any of that can happen, your have to make $3,250 happen. That’s the asking and it’s now time for you to vote on whether that’s a deal or dog shit. What do you say, is this clean Pulsar worth that kind of cash? Or, would paying that much for it not be a very bright idea?

You decide!


Charlotte NC Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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