Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

If there’s ever been a nerdier car than today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Subaru XT then I've yet to find it and give it a wedgie. The question however is whether you’ll geek out over this flat four Wonder Wedge’s price.

Fully 64% of your felt yesterday’s Sterling was a stealing for its price. Oh sure, you also thought anyone buying it would be in for a world of hurt, but then it’s not YOUR money, right?

Not that many people thought too much about spending their money on Subaru’s weird XT back when the coupe was new. Today’s 1988 XT GL - or ex-tee-gull - is one that seemingly did make its way to an owner’s garage. And now, it’s seeking a new one.

Legend has it that the XT’s design was first crudely outlined by a Subaru USA exec on the back of a napkin. Why, by the way, does no one ever doodle on the front of a napkin, huh? That initial drawing turned into a wind tunnel honed shape, good for a coefficient of drag of only .29. For point of reference, cat turds usually rate around 0.04.


Much of that was achieved through the use of flush and/or hidden protuberances. The XT’s door handles for instance have little spring-loaded flaps covering where your hand cups the latch. Additionally, the headlights spend the day hiding below flush covers and the single wiper blade is similarly kept out of the airflow when not needed.

While made available in both part-time all wheel drive and with a choice of turbocharged 4 and naturally aspirated 6 cylinder engines, this ’88 presents itself with only its front wheels to pull and a modest 97-bhp flat four doing the motivational speaking. Subaru’s fanatical adherence to the longitudinal boxer engine and a butt load of interchangeable parts between models does mean however that this mild mannered coupe could eventually exhibit cojones on a grander scale.


One thing you probably wouldn’t want to change is the car’s interior because it’s about as knick-knack patty-whacked as you could want. First off the steering wheel has only two spokes. Not so crazy you say? well, those spokes are at 3 and 6 so the first time you drive the car you risk pushing it into the curb trying to align them more traditionally. Next up is the shift knob for the five speed which is pistol grip shaped like it was designed by Hurst or the NRA. Finally there’s an Atari dashboard bracketed by control pods that all move with the steering wheel. It’s so freaky it’s like the Honey Boo Boo of interiors.

The ad for this one doesn’t give us any interior shots, but I’m guessing it’s blue. It’s also probably in fairly nice shape as the seller says the car was originally owned by a Lady and they never fart or wipe boogers under the dash. Not that there would have been much opportunity to do so what with the car only having 110,000 miles under its belt line, a mere fraction of what a Subaru is capable.


In order to buy it, someone will need to come up with the $3,100 the seller is asking, and it’s now time for you to say whether or not that seems to be a fair price. After all, that’s how we roll. What do you think, is $3,100 a deal for this aerodynamic Subaru? Or, does that break both the wind and the bank?

You decide!


eBay, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Steve Peragine for the hookup!

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