For $22,900, Oh, My, God. Becky, Look At Its Butt

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 911 is powered by a pushrod Chevy. It's still pretty fancy, but you'll need to decide if all the mods and its price push all the right buttons.

Much debate was had over yesterday's underused 1988 BMW M3. Some thought it likely a scam, while others considered it a sign that evil had finally been driven from our midst. In the end all the discussion, and the 71% Nice Price win, was for naught as the ad got pulled. We may never know the true meaning of that New Jersey devil, but we'll still have the memories, as no one can take those from us.


Fortunately, the ad for today's 1977 Porsche 911 is still around. That's a good thing because you're gonna' wanna' see this. Think to yourself all the iterations that the original Porsche 911 took over its more than 30-year existence. From the earliest 901 to the last air-cooled 993 to roll off the line, the car was massaged and improved in just about every way possible. This 1977 edition seems to have taken some part or parcel from each and every generation and has mashed them up into one glorious melange. Oh, and it also has a small block Chevy in its butt.

That's right, no pancake for you!

Painted a glorious shade of metallic Two-Buck Chuck, this targa features Turbo flares, 964 bumpers and mirrors, along with one of those droopy drawers wings in the back. That last bit is needed to provide room for the 4bbl and high-rise mani on top of the American muscle now doing time in this German sportster's hind-quarters. The whole look is pretty over the top and speaking of tops, yeah this one is a targa. The Chevy is of course water cooled and it looks like the radiator is up front. I can't tell if they just left the boot lid popped when they shot the pics or if that's part of the cooling system, offering additional airflow. If the latter, then that's weird. Also weird are the V8's valve covers which look like prison bread pans turned upside-down.


The interior on the other hand is fabulous and features a ton of custom work including Ron Burgundy velour in a diamond pattern on damn near every surface. There's also a four-point roll bar under the big back window. The gauges are all aftermarket jobs, the better to talk to the Chevy out back. Those are all re-ordered and while Porsche chose to place the tach front and center in the IP, the better to determine engine speed and hence optimal shift points, the builder of this beast felt that the speedo was more important. The tach on this car is now down at knee-level, sharing console space with the five-speed shifter.

The car is offered by a dealer and this shop is not just cash and carry. No, you don't just buy the car from them, you buy into a relationship. That's because when you do business with Exotic Motor Cars you can avail yourself of a year's worth of free car washes and a free loaner car when you bring your Chevrorsche in for service. Yep, call Tarek.


If you wanted to get on the 911 train before it left the cheapskate station, well, you missed your chance. The early cars are now tracking astronomical prices and seemingly everything air-cooled is following them out of the average guy's (or gal's) price range. This one obviously isn't a candidate for the Porsche museum, which may limit its value as a long-term investment. That doesn't mean it can't be driven and enjoyed for what it is, and truth be told that 350 V8 up its wazoo is going to cost a tenth of what the Porsche mill would should something serious go wrong.


The dealer is asking $22,900 for the car, and notes that if nothing else you should drop by just to hear the thing rev. You could also help out washing cars if you are so inclined. For those that want to do more than just listen, what do you think about the car for that price? Do you think this custom 911 is worth that kind of scratch? Or, is this Chevrorsche too far gone to command that much?

You decide!


Tampa Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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