Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Nice Price or Crack Pipe is all about the Nissans this week, and to get us over the hump, we're taking a look at the Philly Skyline.

While seemingly incongruous, a 280ZX base, married to an interior that would not have seemed out of place in a Buick - or your grandma's living room - conspired to give yesterday's '84 Maxima a marginal 55% Nice Price win. Cue '80s phonograph voice: The car is a nice price.

As we're sticking with Nissan products all this week – one show daily, remember to tip your waiter – let's also stick with the straight six/stick shift/rear wheel drive layout. Today's candidate keeps that dream alive, and, like Monday's Z, also adds a turbo. That 240Z from two days ago was rougher than cat sex, and while today's 1997 R33 Skyline is four times the price, it's also ten times less likely to give you a social disease just from riding in it. Hey baby, what's your sign?


You all know the history of the Skyline, the car that in GT-R form was the brightest ember in the Nissan performance pyre, only not in the U.S.. Here we got all form of Z-car, ebbing and waning between sports car and douche-bag containment unit over the years, but we were denied its bigger and seriously more bitchin brother. That has meant that, much like America's field laborers, they need to be clandestinely snuck across the border, preferably under the cover of either darkness or clouds of tire smoke.


This particular example is claimed to be a 40th Anniversary Series 2, and has made it all the way to the City of Brotherly Love, where its owner now wants some Philadelphia freedom from the big coupe. The R33 edition of the Skyline GT-( B? S? M?, damn you de-badgers!) is powered by the RB25DET twin-cam, turbocharged six, which features Nissan's variable intake cam timing and makes around 250-bhp. Rarely do these cars make it to the U.S. without then suffering all kinds of brutal drifter mods, and this car's relative stockiness plays in its favor. There's some fat pipes going on under the hood, and the obligatory fart can out back, although that particular dingleberry is thankfully not disproportionate to the rest of the car.

Backing that up the RB25 is a five-speed stick, although here you'll have to get used to rowing the oar with your left hand as the car has all of its controls on the passenger side. If you're a postal worker, you'd probably be used to driving on that side of the car, and should you decide to go postal, the Skyline, with its sub-6 second naught to sixty time, would mean you could totally rout your route. The rest of the interior looks lightly lived in with the exception of a hole in the passenger's driver's seat where it looks like one of the mice it was stuffed with has made an escape.


Now you may lament that this car is not the ultimate edition of the Skyline, the all-wheel-everything GT-R, but before you discount it as being a lesser light, consider that many owners of the non-GT-R cars have praised them for their greater sense of driver involvement and flingability, as well as their cheaper price of entry.


That price in this instance is $20,000, and for that amount, the car is claimed to have grabbed either a green card or, at the minimum, a fake ID, hopefully meaning registration will go as fast as does the car. What do you think of $20K for this 60K Skyline? Does that price make you want to stop and enjoy the view? Or, is that an amount that makes this Skyline not worth a second look?

You decide!


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