For $2,200, This Alfa Is Verde Interesting

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

While they say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Alfa Milano Verde could live in your own back yard. That is of course, if the seller isn't asking for too much of your green.

So far this week it’s been all Germany all the time, something I bet that European nation would be just fine with- don’t mention zee voar! Well, today we’re going to give another former Axis member a shot, but first we need to find some closure on yesterday’s balls-deep custom 1992 RENNTech Mercedes 500E. That car may have been a beast, but fully 63% of you thought its price was monstrous as well. Despite that, the car apparently sold.


Okay, we’re done here, everyone back on the bus. Say goodbye to Germany, next stop, Italy!

The look of Alfa Romeo’s products has always been about pure sex, as evidenced by the prominent role played by a Duetto in the salaciously themed film, The Graduate. The Milano however never quite lived up to that corporate rep, its styling making it sort of the period panties of the Italian marque’s lineup.

While the Milano’s looks may have had it sitting at home on prom night, that really would have been a shame because, both mechanically and dynamically, the car can prove to be a pretty good dancer. This specific 1988 edition in fact might be the most eager to bust a move seeing as it’s a Verde, which means it has the 3.0 edition of Alfa’s sweet-sounding V6 under its hood.


Claimed rust free, and sporting 100,000 miles (or 10 guibos in Alfa speak), this black Verde is going to a new home either in one piece, or in several. The seller notes that despite a plethora of new bits on the V6, it’s still not running right, a symptom he attributes to a timing belt misalignment.


Other issues on the car are tired tires, broken brakes, a reticent driver’s window, and the Alfa Romeo Control (ARC) display on the dash. Italian car electrical issues? You’re kidding right, hahahahahahahahahahah! I mean come on, it’s an Alfa that needs some work, you know, like they all do.


The car is currently on non-op tags and comes with a clean title, should you choose to buy the whole ball of wax. One Honda owner on the AlfaBB is hoping that the seller will acquiesce to selling the car off bit by bit as he’s interested in getting what are possibly the car’s coolest pieces, its Recaro sport seats. This has led to the thread’s most meme-worthy post in which the vulturous Honda owner is rebuffed with go away accord guy.

It’s those seats, which are in surprisingly good shape, along with the 185-horse 3.0 that makes this Verde special. Of course the De Dion rear suspension, 5-speed transaxle and massive U-shaped e-brake handle also play in its favor. This edition also received a little wing extension taffy-pulled into the rear of the black body stripe, and that does help to make the car a little better looking, IMHO.


The Verdes often go to pieces, and not just from Alfa’s typical poor build quality. In fact they are sought after by GTV owners for their sweet 3.0 six. That engine’s melodious exhaust note is reason enough to overlook a profusion of other foibles, and for some reason I’d be kind of sad to see this Milano go to the crusher after having its heart ripped out.


It doesn’t have to be that way however. Someone with a little gumption and $2,200 could save this Alfa from both the crusher and that Recaro jonsing Accord Guy. It’s up to you to determine whether that’s a decent price. What do you think, for $2,200 should this Milano Verde live? Or, for that much should it meet an ignominious and violated end?

You decide!


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