For $19,999.98 Canadian, this Fiat is a fist full of Dallara

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

They say it's better to breast feed than to use baby formula, but that doesn't mean Formula 3 builder Dallara couldn't help Fiat's baby X1/9 grow up strong and fast. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Exxie is all Dall'd up, but would you have to be a boob to pay its price?

Icsunonove is Italian for slow car, fast rust. Just kidding, it's actually what is emblazoned on the sides of the Group 5 X1/9 designed by Gian Paolo Dallara's eponymous gara automobilistica costruttore. Commissioned by Fiat to butch up the little mid-enginer's race creds, the Dallara X1/9 featured the factory shell, but little else; its hips growing like a college freshman and the bespoke suspension dropping the car by a full two inches. Dallara also fitted Fiat's four-pot 1300 with a fuel-injected DOHC head- good for as much as 210-bhp.


It should be pointed out at this time that today's 1979 X1/9 features none of that - save for its Dallara-esque body. The X1/9's Bertone body is one of the design house's best, and all the more remarkable when you consider just how small these things really are. This one's widened flares and bumper-less nose and tail give that design some added cojones, and this one - in a deep black - looks professionally done. The wing isn't as tall as on a real Dallara, but then this one won't make you feel like you're constantly being tailgated by a Verieze.

Italian car rims should be like Italian bread - rustic, and the chrome and black five spokes on this car look out of place, and not just a bit little douchie. That being said, those are only four bolts from a change, and behind them lies Wilwood brakes, which aren't douchie in the least. Other parts claimed to be new are the 5-speed gearbox, gas tank and hoses, plus engine mods. 1979 represented a major upgrade year for the X1/9, including that 5-speed, and an engine punched out to a rockin' 1,498-ccs. There's no Dallara head here, but the seller does claim to have bolted on a pair of 40-mm choke Webers and a header to improve breathing. He also describes the 1500 as ‘beefed up' whatever that means. If you're at all familiar with the X1/9's Kleenex-box of an engine compartment will know that popping Webers in there usually means cutting a hole in the wall of the rear trunk through which they'll need to stick. No word as to whether that was done here as the seller didn't feel a need to provide a snap of the bay for his ad.


He also appears to have been pretty lazy when it came to pictures of the interior, but he does say there's new carpet and seats, while hopefully the rest doesn't look like a set for Winter's Bone. If the exterior is any example, the insides are likely livable for most. Overall, this X1/9 looks pretty sweet, but then again I've had a chubby for these little Fiats since I was a little kid. The Dallara-inspired bodywork gives it a gravitas, and makes for a custom car that has historical relevance, rather than being just some backyard bondo master's weird vision.


Of course, it not being an actual Dallara means it can be driven on the street, and hopefully doesn't command the kind of cheddar a rare vintage racer typically does. You may consider it close however, as the seller is asking $19,999.98 Canadian which works out to about $20,400 American. What do you think, does that price bring this Fiat to the fore? Or, is that too many real dollars for this faux Dallara?

You decide!


Edmonton Kijiji or go here if the ad disappears. H/T to one.gear for the hookup!

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