For $19,200, you could be Supra, thanks for asking

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Japanese sports cars, unlike that country's delicious sashimi, have pretty decent shelf lives. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Toyota Supra still looks pretty tasty even after 18 years. Its price and lack of a turbo however, may make you say fugu you!

Another Japanese sports car - and one from competing brand Nissan - was yesterday's contender, and, like Dita Von Teese, it arrived with every part customized with the exception of its top, which it didn't have at all. That omission didn't seem to bother the 70% of you who voted it a Nice Price win, so maybe - also like Dita - you're all into water sports.


Today's Los Angeles-located 1993 Toyota Supra comes with a top that you can both take off and take with you, it being the full-targa version, and in this case it's perfectly alright to go full targa. It's also painted in a shade of red that would make Carrie's mom cross herself upon seeing it, and comes with love ‘em or leave ‘em aftermarket alloys.

Each generation of Supra spun a little farther from its Celica roots, and in fact by the time this fourth iteration of the car hit the market, it was pretty much Brutus to the then front wheel drive Celica's Olive Oyl. Sharing is caring, and should you care this Supra's platform was shared not with the Celica, but with the home market Soarer - which came to the U.S. as the Lexus SC. Back then, that Lexus could be had with either a six or a V8, while the Toy's order sheet came with check boxes for either the 2JZ-GE DOHC straight six or that engine's romper-stomper turbo edition.

This 122,000-mile Supra comes with the lesser of those options - the 220-horse naturally aspirated six of 2,997-cc capacity. Three transmissions were also available at the time - a 4-speed automatic, plus 5- and 6-speed manuals. In true Goldilocks fashion, this Supra has the 5 cog box, and that's actuated by a nubby shift knob which sits at the base of the sweeping instrument binnacle and console. That's all in goes-with-everything black, while the seats and carpets are beige and brighten the place up a bit. With the exception of the driver's seat bolster - which shows more in and out action than Vivid Entertainment - the interior looks lovingly maintained. It must please the olfactory senses too as the current owner has seen fit to hang an orange air freshener tree from the rear-view, probably making the car smell like it's a big jug of Sunny-D. Or maybe Tang - you know, like what the astronauts drank.


Outside is equally well preserved, showing no obvious sign of abuse and the car comes with a Carfax report giving it a $39.95 thumbs up. With the fourth generation Supra, Toyota tried to keep the pounds down despite the car being larger, and carrying more equipment than its third-gen predecessor. To that end, there's a lot of aluminum in the car, including the hood and targa roof panel and a good deal of the suspension, making it a Jenny Craig poster child - sorry Kirstie.


For those of you spoiling for a fight, this Supra definitely has got your back. Or, at least it has a massive spoiler on its back. Something like that. That, and the big but not too big (See? Goldilocks again) chromed exhaust pipe give the ass some class, while the rest of the car is thankfully devoid of aftermarket asshattery, unless of course you really hate those wheels.


I really hate those wheels, but then, that's why air wrenches and Craigslist were invented. Speaking of which, Craigslist is where you can currently find those wheels and the Supra to which they are bolted. That online advertiser of everything from cars to non-committal companionship is a sea of both deals and dreck, and now it's up to you to determine under which of those categories this $19,200 Supra falls.


On the plus side, its a targa-roofed, three pedal, Gen IV Supra in excellent condition. Earning a frowny face is the lack of a T in its engine's 2JZ-GE nomenclature, and possibly those wheels. Weighing those factors what do you think of this seller's asking price? Is this Supra super enough to command $19,200? Or, for that much, is this a Toy that will get little play?

You decide!


Los Angeles Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to long time reader, first time tipster Genesis for the hookup!

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