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For $14,199, Yup, That’s A 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV Ranchero

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The typical modifications in the creation of a custom rod are chopping and channeling, and maybe if you’re lucky, some sexy frenching. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe custom classic Lincoln ignores all of those for some cool bedding, but will its price make you want to sleep on it?

Are you presently holding down two or more jobs to make ends meet? That can be tough, especially if they require a significant mental reset between each gig. But what if those jobs were vastly unalike but used similar terminology? For example, what if by day you were a landscaper, and by night an urban Pimp? It might be confusing if you’re dealing with both hoes and hos.


Fortunately there is a ride that can bridge this gap and perhaps make the transition damn-near seamless. For that I give you this custom 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV, that has been converted from baroque battle wagon to hot rod pickup.


Who did this? Why did they do this? What’s the best way to keep your gold chains from getting caught in the mower reel when emptying the grass catcher? These are all important questions, and ones that sadly go unanswered in this Lincoln’s ad.

What it does state is that it’s a one-off concept car, whatever that means. It looks like something of the era, with a two-tone blue over silver metallic paint job and more chrome than a Google convention. Actually, the chrome is actually pretty stock as that’s how cars rolled back in the day.

The custom bit is the opening of the Mark IV’s massive trunk and the moving forward of its Breezeway-equipped back window. The reverse angle of the backlight may look funny, but it facilitates the dropping of the center section of the glass, which was also a stock feature of the ‘59 Lincoln.


The bed looks to be plywood lined and topped with a bow for a tonneau. The back end does not feature a gate so if you’re going to be putting lawn equipment - or the bodies of non-paying tricks - in there, be prepared for the significant lift-over.


The interior looks to be nicely tuck and rolled, in a blue material with red piping. The ornate Lincoln wheel has been replaced by a three-spoke affair, and over all it seems like it could all stand a little attention. Already getting attention was the gas tank and fuel lines, which according to the ad have been replaced.

The custom work extends under the hood, where the air cleaner for the massive 430 V8 looks like something Captain Kirk might have flown. The rest of the engine compartment looks a little tired with a missing A/C compressor and surface rust covering pretty much everything in sight.


Despite that, the ad claims the car to be rust-free. That’s pretty good if accurate as fixing a custom job is always a tricky deal. What you need to decide now is whether or not this custom car’s $14,199 price tag is also a tricky deal.


Based on the information in the ad, do you think this wonderfully weird ‘60s hot rod might be worth $14,199? Or, does that price Price it’s hard being a pimp/gardner?

You decide!


Las Vegas Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Matt R for the hookup!

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