For $13,800, Could This Modded 2002 Lexus LX470 Get You Off-Roading?

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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Lexus is, in reality, just a fancy Land Cruiser. Strangely enough, these seem less loved than their venerated cousins. Let’s see if that factor means this Luxo off-roader is, in reality, on-point.

An automatic transmission and a somewhat modest pony count in its corral were two complaints leveled at yesterday’s 1990 Chevy Corvette coupé. Those, it seems, were minor infractions when taken into account with the car’s very nice color combo, overall condition, and its set of pricey new tires. All of that contrasted against its $6,950 price tag, earning the ‘Vette a laudable 77 percent Nice Price win for its troubles.


When talk turns to Japanese off-roaders you can be excused if your thoughts turn immediately to the most common—and once a commoner’s choice—the Toyota Land Cruiser. That heavy has been the de-facto go-to for Japanese Jeep alternatives for decades and today can command significant bank in both rough and ready two-door and more family-friendly four-portal form.

The thing of it is, in the Land Cruiser’s later years, it was joined in its quest by a more luxurious brother, the Lexus LX, and while those offered modestly more amenities, on the used car market they tend to have somewhat less rabid a fan base.

Take this 2002 Lexus LX470 as example. This is about as inclement weather-capable a roller as you might find, what with its winch-equipped aftermarket nose piece, skid plates and raised suspension. Is this what you think of when bombarded by those perennially off-putting Lexus-with-a-bow-on-them ads hitting the airwaves each holiday season? I thought not.


No, this is more for the Land Cruiser crowd, but seeing as it’s a Lexus with that brand’s weird nose-profile badge (what, you don’t see that?) on its grille, it may also play nice in proper company, say when attending a funeral or visiting that wealthy but politically appalling uncle’s home.


The ad notes 192,000 miles on this LX, and in case you are unfamiliar with the marque, that’s just getting started. The wagon comes in Riverock Green Mica over grey rockers and that all swaddles a grey leather interior. The bodywork appears without any major flaws, and I think that the ultra-douchey gold badging front and rear is in fact a factory setting.

That leather interior looks to be in fine shape too, and that’s actually impressive for the age since one area of kryptonite for this generation of Land Cruiser/LX is the poor durability of the front seating surfaces. Much like Volvos and Land Rovers of the era, the leather on these seems to be thinner than Elon Musk’s skin.


Other pluses in here are a factory navigation system and a dog fence in back. A/C vents above the cargo area will help keep the puppers cool as well. Two sets of third-row seats are included in the sale in case your dogs know how to sit and stay.

The seller claims this LX benefits from a number of mechanical upgrades, including new CVs and axles, and replacement of the adaptive ride height AHC shocks. The 4.7-litre DOHC V8 is said to run smoothly and without issue.


That’s an iron block VVT-i mill that the factory rated at 271 horsepower and 315 lb-ft of torque. A five-speed automatic feeds the full-time 4WD which also comes with a locking center diff for when the shit gets real. Tires are 33-inch Kumho All-Terrains.


The title is clean and the only major maintenance item on the horizon for the truck is a timing belt in 20K. It was last done at 116K.


The asking price for this big beauty is $13,800, which puts it slightly north of where you might expect to find a Land Cruiser of this era to be priced. This one is a Lexus, however, and it does come with that tidy interior and all the off-roading goodies as laudable qualities.


You, however, will need to take the truck and its price as a whole, and what you’ll now need to do is determine if you think it’s worth digging a $13,800 hole in your wallet.

What’s your take, is that a fair price for this Lexus off-roader? Or, for that much, would you expect the Land Cruiser name and not just a pretender to the throne?


You decide!


San Francisco Bay Area, CA Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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