Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe AMX is painted in red white and blue, emblematic of its American Motors origins. It’s not a numbers-matching car, but the numbers is does have seem pretty righteous, and maybe one of those will include its price.

Performance comes in all shapes and sizes, and one of them was yesterday’s 1999 Dodge Neon ACR with a 2.4 SRT turbo swap. Fully 65% of you liked the size of that sleeper’s price too, gaining it a Nice Price win.


Speaking of size, I’m sorry to say that yes, it does matter. Back in the sixties, what AMC thought mattered was having a two-seat performance car that could compete for sporting car buyers’ hearts and minds with Chevy’s Corvette. They sized up their Javelin pony car and then took it down a size, creating the AMX.

This 1968 AMC AMX is representative of the end result: a two-place car with the best performance options AMC’s meager larder could offer, and flying buttress styling that makes it look like it’s flying just when standing still. At least I think this one is standing still in the pictures, it’s so hard to tell with these things.


According to the ad, this one was originally spec’d as a Go-Pack 390 car. That’s 390-cubic inches of V8, which was claimed from the factory to lay down 315 horsepower. Of course back then ponies were rated at gross, so in the car that would have been somewhat less. A 4-speed Borg Warner stick shift and Twin Grip (LSD) rear end put the power to the pavement.

Just like Mary Bo Peep (thanks y’all) and her sheep, this AMX has lost it’s 390 somewhere along the way. In its place is a 360-cid V8 and, to give you all a frowny face, a 3-speed automatic tranny currently stands in for that 4-speed stick. The ad claims that the 3-pedal box is still in place so returning it to its glory - if not its factory numbers - wouldn’t be all that difficult if the proper parts can be located.


Another place where originality has been thrown out the window is in the paint, which while once Turbo Silver is now painted in “U.S. Flag” in homage to Craig Breedlove’s racing AMXs. Like Forrest Gump however, the color breaks on the car just ain’t quite right. Oh well, it’s an arresting combination at the very least.

Door sag doesn’t seem to be a serious problem here, and the rest of the bodywork seems straight and serviceable. There are some pockets of surface rust bubbling up along the bottom edges which will need to be addressed sooner rather than later. Also, those wheels and Delta tires? Yee-haw!


Inside, things are a little funkier, with seats that have seen better days, or perhaps one too many American asses. The carpet also needs replacing, and there’s a non-original center console that doesn’t help the aesthetic in the least. All that could be fixed with a few weekend’s work, however.

The seller says he has a clean title for the car and that it’s ready to drive. Mileage? Who knows? The ad says the gauges need fixing, which could be anything from a loose wire to… well, I don’t even want to think about it.


You might remember the Spirit-based AMX we had a short while back. That car was basically a trim package on a pretty standard car. This AMX is the real deal - they cut the freaking center section out of a Javelin to make it. These are also getting pretty dear and so finding one that needs some work but is drivable is becoming more and more rare.

The question is, does the work this one needs - rust repair, an interior, and a return to its 4-speed glory days - make its $11,500 price tag a size too big?


You decide!

Jackson, MS Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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