Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

When the shit goes down the only things left will be cockroaches, Donald Trump's wig, and cars like today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Volvo. Of course if society is on the brink of collapse you'll need to decide if this car's price is worth paying considering that you could just loot it later.

Damn, you all are pretty harsh. Yesterday's 1970 GMC Handi-Van seemingly had it all - forward control, a V8 engine, three on the tree, and a sassy can-do attitude that would make Li'l Orphan Annie look like Sylvia Plath. All that was for nought however as its fifty-five hundred price tag seemed too high - and the van seemed too creepy - for fully 83% of you.


While hard-worn and, yes, kind of creepy, that GMC was a survivor, dammit. Now it's laudable to have lasted years while picking up scars of battle and a patina of age like that GMC, but what if you lived your life, year-in, year-out, for more than two decades without ever suffering those wounds?

Today's 1993 Volvo 240 wagon is of legal drinking age here in the States, and like many a 21 year old, it looks amazing. Sporting burgundy paint and headlights so big you could play hockey on them, this longroof Swede looks to be a excellent example of what drove Volvo's reputation for dull but safe and sturdy automobiles for much of the latter half of the last century.


The ad notes that the car has only 58K on the clock, plus new front brakes. It also has a set of fresh Michelin meats which must have set the owner back a pretty penny, because Michelins cost bank. Trim, lights, and accessories all seem to be intact, and you might take note that this wagon lacks both a roof rack and sunroof and doesn't seem to be unique model owing to the lack of additional badging beyond the 240 name.

Power comes from the naturally aspirated 2.3-litre four. That meters out a miserly 114-bhp but at least here most all of that is available as the car also comes with a five-speed stick. Other than that, there's not much detail given. The pics do tell a story however, and unlike many a Craigslist purveyor of product, this Volvo's seller has had the car cleaned to within an inch of its life before taking the snaps.


I especially like the radiating vacuum marks in the grey carpet in the back, just like the elves make in hotel hallways for when you wake up in the morning! Other aspects of the interior - the mouse fur seats, dash, and door panels seem equally well-cared for. On the outside, only the wheels seem questionable.


The Collins English Dictionary has placed up for vote a list of trendy words, the most popular of which will be added to the tome. One of those in the running is Adrorkable the combination of dork and adorable. I think that perfectly encapsulates our feelings towards Volvo's 200-series as we love them despite their boxy and unpretentious personalities.


We especially love their longroof editions, and while we jones most heavily for the turbo engine, the fact that this burgundy box is a stick ameliorates our sadness over its B-series mill not being under pressure. This also seems to be one of the nicest examples of the breed you are likely to come across. Based on those factors, do you think it's worth $10,500?

No, seriously, is that a fair deal for so clean a survivor? Or, is that a price that won't survive scrutiny?


You decide!


SFBay Area Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Jimmy Crocker for the hookup!

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