For $10,000, Come To Your Sensonics

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Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Saab 900 is claimed to have had not one but three Saab master mechanics as previous owners. That's a good thing owing to its being an uber rare Sensonic edition, but will you find it's been priced to make someone its new master?

Yesterday's tidy 5.0 Bronco II wasn't bucking any trends, bringing home the Canadian bacon with a 76% Nice Price win. That boxy SUV from the eighties was imbued with greatness for its engine and gearbox transplant, but we've got another car today with a similar switcheroo, but while it does apparently drive, this one's literally built for show.


Have you finally realized GM's plan for world automotive domination? Instead of competing with great products, they buy up competitors, pollute their product lines until even the most loyal of fans say, eww, this is as bad as that Cavalier we rented in California. They then kill off the now unpopular brand while rubbing their hands together and cackling manically.

You think GM stands for General Motors? Nope, it really means Gunning for Marques. That's what happened to Isuzu, Pontiac ('course that one took longer than planned) and most sadly of all, Sweden's Saab.


Of course some of Saab's fatal wounds were self-inflicted, and one of those was the ill conceived Sensonic gearbox fitted to some less fortunate European NG 900 models in '94 and '95. The Sensonic is a manual gearbox that gives inept car jackers a fighting chance by automating the clutch action. You still have to move the five-speed gear lever between the cogs, but your legs get a break by not having to participate in your poor ability to find the right gear.

How does the Sensonic work? Well, it doesn't all that well, and in fact if you happened to catch the Top Gear special; The Worst Car… in the World, you might have seen James May's attempt to parallel park a convertible edition, the result being the expected hilarity and a pile of broken tail lamp lens on the rustic cobblestones.


Actually, the Sensonic works by way of tiny Swedish gnomes who live under the floor and work the clutch when their gnome sense determines that you want to change gears, hence the name Sensonic. This may or may not be accurate, it's just how I imagine such things work.


This one is unique in that it is apparently the only one in the U.S.. Built off of a three-door NG 900, it's claimed to have been a show car and possesses a number of other features not found on the stock Opel Saab 900. Those include Viggen seats, a rebuilt 2.0-litre turbo motor, and custom wheels intended to wrap around Brembo four-pot brakes. Oh and to give you an edge up on those aforementioned car jackers, the exterior door handles have been shaved like an angry cat.

The three previous owners are all claimed to be both fully competent wrenches as well as folks who take really good care of their toys. The two pics included of the car back this up as the car looks clean as a bean. This generation of 900 isn't the most beloved and usually finding one for sale means a fright pig- or fright moose as the case may be.


This one's not only fantastic looking but it's also probably the only opportunity any American is likely to have to rock a Sensonic edition. That model's lifespan in Yurrup was a short two models years owing to its monumental unreliability, but if you feel up to the challenge then perhaps this is the show car for you and your chronic restless leg syndrome, and hence we should consider what it costs.

Should that be the case, or if you just want to voice an opinion on the matter, the asking price for this one-of-a-kind Saab is $10,000. That gets you a cool car and bragging rights, plus all that gearbox voodoo.


What's your take on this unique opportunity and its ten-grand price? is that a super deal? Or, does that price set off your Saaby Senses?

You decide!


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