For $1,900, Be Lightning McQueen For A Day

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The Pixar film Cars is a story of redemption and personal growth about, well cars. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 1996 Dodge Avenger has been given new life as a homage to that CGI flick, but is there anything redeemable about its price?


Yesterday's 1986 Land Rover Ninety may have been claimed Certified, but most of the comments didn't find its price tag to be bonafide. Still, despite the derision and kerfuffle over the fact that it was AA yellow, the brawny Brit still managed to come away with an RCH-thin 51% Nice Price win. God save the Queen.

Speaking of queens, when Pixar was developing their 2006 hit Cars they gave the film's hero a name shared with an actor who was also noted for being a rabid car nut - Steve McQueen. Lightning McQueen, the car, is of indeterminate origin, but he (it?) does have that generic American coupe vibe common of pretty much all NASCAR contenders of late. If you were going to do a real-world version of Lightning McQueen, and were striving for authenticity, you might find your options limited. Ford offers nothing that might pass, nor does GM, although the last gen Monte Carlo could suffice if your goal was to entertain blind children. No, your best best would be to go with a product from pre-Fiat Chrysler, one that, while having its curves in the right places, sadly doesn't seem all that heroic. You'd go with a Dodge Avenger.


This 1996 Avenger came to the seller not due to an accidental and rube-goldbergian transporter disgorging, but because of a blown motor. And by blown I don't mean in the good way, i.e. supercharged, but in the bad way, meaning dead as a doornail. Not wanting to leave it as a cliffhanger, the seller says that he has given the car's life a sequel, dropping in a new 2.0 and five speed. He also has fashioned it to look like the cartoon car, Lightning McQueen because. . . well, because race car?

The changes to the Avenger include lightning bolt and #95 artwork on both flanks, a cartoonishly tall rear spoiler, and grille opening reshaped to mimic Lightning McQueen's mouth in mid-sentence, probably saying kill me, please. The pics of the car are small - like European appliance small - but it does look like the car has had some run-ins with, if not the inhabitants of Radiator Springs, then at least some curbs, and a couple of cans of Krylon might be demanded along with the car if you're a savvy negotiator.


Regardless of appearance, the seller makes the claim that the car runs great, and with 150-bhp and a stick, the FJ platform Avenger should make for a reasonably fun ride, if not the most refined.


Who would want such a car? Well, if you're a big fan of the Pixar movie then this might just float your boat. Alternatively, should you be seeking to attract the neighborhood children but maintain a political temperament that makes you adverse to the idea of ‘FREE' candy then this might be right up your alley. It should be noted that another benefit of this car is that, while it looks like Lightning McQueen, it won't actually speak with Owen Wilson's voice - a good thing, as I hear he's kind of a dick.

But is the seller a wiener as well for asking $1,900 for his intellectual property rights flouting creation? What do you think, should someone lighten their wallet for this Lightning McQueen? Or, does that $1,900 have you whistling another toon?


You decide!


Madison Rag Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

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