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Foolish Rental Truck Drivers Are Still Crashing Into This Low-Ass Bridge

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The famed 11foot8 bridge claimed yet another victim this past week, a rental truck failing to heed its many warnings. When will people learn? (Never.)

This is the 119th crash for the legendary can opener bridge in Durham, North Carolina, and its YouTube channel (of course it has its own YouTube channel) put up this helpful description of how the wreck went down:

This rental truck triggered the red light and the warning sign, but was stopped behind a long line of cars. By the time the truck got to the bridge, the sign had already turned off again, and the driver had made good use of the long run-up to the bridge. Nice try, but did not quite make it all the way through. Crash #119.

I am beginning to think that perhaps it is not the bridge that hungers for trucks to tear open. Perhaps the hunger is within us humans. Maybe we have a calling to the low-ass bridge, like moths to the flame.