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Foo Fighters Drummer Still Cruises Around In His High School Ride

Taylor Hawkins, the drummer for 90s rock band Foo Fighters since 1997, seems like a pretty chill dude. He once said a U2 album sounded “like a fart any way you listen to it,” which I am sure got a laugh out of somebody. We’ve also learned that, despite being worth millions of dollars, the cars he keeps are fairly humble.


In an interview with Radio Hauraki, Hawkins revealed that he has two cars. The first is a 2005 Subaru Baja, that funky, El Camino-sedan-thing. Hawkins seems to like Subarus, said that they’re “tough... hard to kill.”

And the second one is a red 1986 Toyota 4x4 that he’s had since high school. What a lovely high school car, too. And he still has it either because he’s been taking remarkable care of it or just nothing ever went wrong with it. Probably a bit of both, honestly.


It totally fits, too, because in a 2013 interview with The Bull Magazine, Hawkins said,

All of my cars add up to the price of one person’s car on the street. You know, I really don’t like fancy cars. I do like cars, but I like funky cars, like 1980s cars, trucks and vans.

He sounds like a Jalop to me!

Meanwhile, Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl has a Tesla P100D. He doesn’t specify which, Model S or Model X, but he says it is the fastest car he’s even been in. He jokes, “People see me driving it, they’re like, ‘Wow. Dave Grohl is a fucking asshole.’”


Personally, I’ve never really listened to Foo Fighters. I dated a guy in high school who was really into them and that was about it. But they seem like nice guys, so that’s good. And they have good cars.

via CNBC

(h/t to Jordan!)

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Margin Of Error

This just prove that for many persons, cars are just basic appliances.

Give me 10 million dollars and I’m not getting a new toaster as long as it works, and 1980's toasters will last forever, especially the one with wood grain.