Follow The Story Of The First Koenigsegg Agera RS That Comes To America

Koenigsegg completed only four of the 25 Agera RSs that will ever leave the factory so far, but the 11th car will be the first to be fully homologated and road-legal for the United States of America. And you can see how it gets there.

Because it’s a ridiculously expensive and time consuming process, Koenigsegg waited quite some time before entering the U.S. market, but since the all-out unbelievable Regera will be sold in America, the company decided to turn the Agera RS into a global product as well. (Let’s hope it won’t end up in Virginia!)


With six RSs on the assembly line and the U.S. car, #Build128 just about to join the party, buyers wishing to purchase a brand new Swedish hypercar are looking at a two-year long waiting list at best.

Koenigsegg will introduce #Build128’s buyer and share all the details of the building process as it goes along, so I suggest checking their blog on a regular basis, just in case I missed a turn.

Photo credit: @OskarBakke


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