Flying Farmer In Hospital After Disastrous Jump Attempt

North Dakota stunt driver the Flying Farmer is in hospital after crashing while competing against his son.

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Stunt driver the Flying Farmer jumps over a burning caravan
The Flying Farmer cleared a burning mobile home in his previous jump
Screenshot: Nizzle34 (Other)

A father versus son stunt jump competition ended in disaster this weekend when North Dakota daredevil John Smith rolled his car and ended up in intensive care.

John Smith, also known as the Flying Farmer, was competing against his son Brian Smith to see who could jump the furthest. The duo planned to take turns launching their cars as far as possible across a gravel pit.


The jump attempts took place on Saturday September 25th at a site northwest of the city of Makoti in North Dakota.

John Smith has reportedly undertaken more than 100 stunt jumps in his career, and previously covered more than 160ft during an attempt in 2016. In his latest feat, the North Dakota daredevil was hoping to surpass 200ft.


On Saturday, John and Brian Smith lined up their cars to begin the contest. Brian went first and managed to safely clear 90ft.

As John Smith began his run behind the wheel of a 1988 Chevrolet Caprice, disaster struck.

According to The Bismark Tribune, John Smith reportedly corkscrewed and rolled his car. The daredevil landed in the gravel pit, and had to be cut out the wreckage by emergency services.


The report continued:

“The extent of Smith’s injuries weren’t immediately known. He was alert after the crash, trying to pull himself out of the car and talking to his rescuers. Emergency responders used the Jaws of Life to cut him out of the car, and a Makoti ambulance took him to meet up with a medical helicopter out of Minot.”


Smith was transported to an intensive care unit to await surgery on “a huge slice in his upper left arm and shoulder”.

Authorities said Smith was responsive after the crash, which was witnessed by a crowd of 300 spectators.