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'Flying Car' Takeoff Goes Almost Instantly Wrong

Photo: HunterQ8y via YouTube
Photo: HunterQ8y via YouTube

This video might be hard to watch, so if you want an easy start to the middle of your week, move on. But thankfully, the couple aboard this SkyRunner flying car/dune buggy thing survived a completely startling crash.


The video was noticed on Reddit yesterday by CarScoops, and it came baring a simple headline: “Testing a flying car.” The SkyRunner light-sport NI43SR looks less like a car than it is a dune buggy with a propeller and parachute attached.


Apparently, per CarScoops, the pilot and his wife took off just fine, but he failed to gain enough altitude. Possibly, it was a steering issue. Whatever the case, the vehicle went barreling into the side of a building before toppling over onto the ground.

There’s no explanation on YouTube or Reddit about what exactly caused the incident, but, remarkably, the couple survived with serious injuries.

CarScoops reports the vehicles are FAA certified and require a pilot’s license. They start around $139,000.

Hopefully they make a quick recovery.

Senior Reporter, Jalopnik/Special Projects Desk

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Am I the only one here who doesn’t give a flying fuck about flying cars? I mean I am not against looking forward to the next big technological progress but this seems like a futile exercise.