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Commenter Larry Forney notes that if you want to emblazon "When the end times come, please know that I supported many charities," across your Porsche's rump, you will merely be out 2931.80 euro. Yes, folks, step right up and Name Your Porsche! For a ridiculous cash outlay (no refunds), you too can have a 911 that mysteriously proclaims its model designation as "Bruce." Forget ceramic brakes. We want a Carrera GT called "Chuck Biscuits." Or maybe "Rik Mayall." "Buckwheat?" As an aside, "Bruce" is the new shorthand for Fine German Precision, as in, "The shifter was endowed with so much Bruce it would be hard to imagine a more desirable gearbox." Watch for more Bruce in these pages soon.

Most Precise Website Ever [Internal]


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