Luck of the Irish? Try luck of the Floridians instead.

This Florida woman apparently slid into the passenger's seat right before a giant engine fell off a truck and crushed the driver's side car, according to ABC News.

She was driving on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami on Wednesday night when an 18-wheeler carrying industrial engines tried to drive under the I-395 overpass but failed to clear it despite the "no clearance" warning signs on the road. Nice driving, amigo.

Two engines were knocked off the truck, one of which landed on the driver's side of the woman's Honda Accord. However, she managed to escape without injury; police speculate she moved to the passenger's seat quickly.

That couldn't have been easy considering the Accord doesn't have a bench seat, so if that's how she evaded getting hurt, it's an impressive feat. The truck driver wasn't injured, and neither was a motorist who crashed into the back of the Accord.


I'd say that ended a lot better than it could have, especially since this is Florida and all. No bath salts, no public sexual acts, no wanton violence... well done, folks. Well done.