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Florida Man Is Not James Bond, Gets Caught With License Plate Gadget

If you’ve ever seen Goldfinger or basically half of the James Bond movies, you’ve probably thought about how neat the rotating license plate gadgets on the British superspy’s cars were. Too bad it doesn’t work out so great in the real world.


According to WFTS, the Florida Highway Patrol arrested a man in Orange County, Florida, after he remotely activated a license plate frame gadget that slid a cover down while driving, blocking his plate number from toll cameras. He would have gotten away with it too, if he hadn’t done it right in front of a State Trooper.

Joshua West faces a felony charge for the movie magic, so if jail time is worth saving the equivalent of pocket change, this gadget may be for you.


Similar license plate curtain devices are for sale online ranging around $150, so is this actually even worth it in the first place? You can see a European spec curtain system in action here.

As cool as it is in the Bond movies, it still makes no sense to have a rotating license plate gadget if you’re running around in something as flashy and “rare” as an Aston Martin. It makes even less sense in real life considering it probably will cost you a lot more than a toll pass.

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A felony? Really? What is the fine for driving with no licence plate?