Florida Trio Films Allegedly Drunk Driver On Facebook Live Before Forcing Her To Stop

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A trio of Florida women captured a wild ride on Facebook Live over the weekend, following an allegedly drunk motorist for nearly 10 minutes before deciding to intervene and using their own car to force her to stop.


The situation began Sunday afternoon when Suzzette Williams, Angelina Powell, and a third passenger, came across a driver in Fort Myers, Florida, who, according to NBC2 News, was driving erratically on the road and came close to striking several vehicles.

The driver, Brittany Sharp, was seen on a video taken by the women and posted on Facebook Live. Sharp was driving a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier, swerving across several lanes, jumping curbs, and, at one point, crashing into a highway median.


Williams and Powell said the woman appeared to be nodding off at the wheel, according to reports. After taking in the harrowing ride for several minutes, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

When Sharp came to a stop in the center lane, Williams slowed down and pulled her 2013 Nissan Sentra in front of the Cavalier, according to The News-Press. Sharp proceeded to barrel into the back of the vehicle, the news outlet reported.


Risking injury and a damaged car is quite a gamble, one I’m not sure most would consider, but the decision by Williams and her friends likely staved off something far more serious from happening. Sharp, meanwhile, is being held on DUI charges, driving with a suspended license and without insurance, and careless driving. She’s due in court September 18.