A Florida woman was driving down the turnpike to Miami last Thursday when she hit a Great Horned Owl. Though it was trapped behind the SUV's grill for a full day, the bird was not harmed.

The driver, Sonji Coney Williams, did not know the owl was stuck in her Ford until the day after her drive, when she was running some errands. Williams told WSVN News that a family pulled in front of her parking space, flagged her down, and alerted her about the bird.


Florida Fish and Wildlife arrived shortly thereafter and extracted the owl, later telling WSVN, "She was very stressed," said Harsch. "She was panting, but other than that, there was no obvious injuries that I could find."

We thought that just the people living in Florida were insane. It appears that even the animals are prone to craziness as well.

(Hat tip to @spacehippos!)