When Ashley Lineberger renewed her license she was surprised to find the replacement listed her street address as "EAT ASS." After informing the Florida DMV she doesn't live on "EAT ASS" they tried to charge her for a new one.

We have nothing substantive to add to this story, it tells itself really, but we have a few things to note:

1.) Florida issues its licenses for 8 years. Meaning Ms. Lineberger would be eating ass for a long time

2.) It costs $48 to get a license renewed in Florida and the DMV's going to make her pay another $6 to get that fixed? Really? Eventually they fixed their mistake for free.

3.) Sometimes Photoshop is incredibly rewarding, like when you reconstruct the word "ASS" after a local news station blurs it out to satisfy some antiquated notion of good taste.

4.) Our favorite part of the story is at the very end of the broadcast piece, when the husband says "Or she can keep that, but we don't live... live on Eat Ass street."


5.) Not only would we keep that license, we'd treasure it always. It would be framed and displayed prominently in the den when it expired. (Hat tip to Slave2anMG!)