Float through deep space in a 1977 Toyota Celica

We've seen car commercials imply the vehicle they are advertising could do some pretty unbelievable things, but this 1977 Celica commercial is the first time we've seen a car float through space.

After seeing the success George Lucas had with Star Wars it must have seemed only natural for Toyota to show "the car of the 80s" flying through space.

From the similar but not the same soundtrack and lack of direct Star Wars references we assume Toyota didn't pay anything for the rights to rip off the space epic. We're guessing the idea of this kind of commercial would fly approximately as well as a 1977 Celica through space these days.

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In 1977, a "Star Wars" version of a '77 Celica was a promotional giveaway by 20th Century Fox. [jalopnik.com]