Flight From New York To Seattle Stops In Billings After Toilets Fill Up

It’s about six hours from New York to Seattle via plane, which was too long, recently, for a Delta 757 that had to make an emergency stop in Billings on Saturday night. The bathrooms were full and, well, a lot of passengers had to go. Correction: A lot of passengers had to go “really bad,” according to a Delta report.

And so the plane took a left turn in the skies above Montana, flying hundreds of miles south before landing at Billings Logan International Airport around 6 p.m. Relief was not immediate, however.


According to the Billings Gazette:

But, because a gate was not available, the airplane had to taxi to a cargo area where pilots were again told there were several “passengers that needed to find a lavatory very urgently.”

Ground crews rolled a stairway to the airplane so passengers could “disembark to find relief of built-up pressures,” the Delta report said.

Kevin Ploehn, the Billings director of aviation and transit, said ground crews escorted the passengers safely into the terminal where they could do their business and wait while the plane’s toilets were serviced. The plane was also refueled so it could take off again, he said.

Imagine having to take a piss so badly that flight attendants can see it in you and your fellow passengers’ faces that it’s a true emergency.

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