"Flight From Hell" Sits On JFK Runway For Eight Hours

Glynnis MacNicol, Business Insider

These folks probably thought they were one of the lucky few to get a flight into New York City...until they landed. Here's the story of how one British Airways flight sat overnight on JFK's runway for eight hours.

JFK Airport reopened last night at 6pm after being forced to shut down during Snowpocalypse 2010 but that didn't mean things were working smoothly. Or at all.


British Airways Flight 183 reportedly spent nearly 8 hours stuck on the runway at JFK overnight with no explanation from BA staff.

Matthew Bishop, the Economist's NY Bureau Chief, was on the plane and tweeting (rather patiently it must be said) and speculated the immigration staff had gone home. As of two hours ago, according to his Twitter, he was still waiting to exit the plane.

New rules went into effect this spring limiting the amount of time a plane could spend sitting on a runway, but as of yet they don't apply to international flights.

Bishop's tweets below. Now ask yourself this: would you rather be stuck on the BA flight for 8 hours or yesterday's stalled A train?


Photo: AP


This story was written by Glynnis MacNicol. It originally appeared in Business Insider on Dec. 28, 2010, and was republished with permission.

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