Flattery'll Get You Somewhere, A Jeepamino Will Get You Further

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The Forward Control Jeeps were built from 1956 until 1964, which actually puts them ahead of the El Camino in the truckcar sweepstakes. Although it's debatable whether the FC is actually a true Camino, based as it was on a light-truck chassis rather than on a car frame or unibody, reader Mark's tale of how he went to great lengths — and strained his relationship with his soon-to-be wife — to snap these photos for us while on holiday in Indy swayed us. Click through for his tale.

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

My fianc and I went home to Indianapolis this weekend for the Memorial Day holiday and to see our families. As we were driving from her parents' house to mine, we saw this little guy at a used car lot on the side of the road. (see attachments) Being a card-carrying and devoted follower of all things Jalopnik, I promptly demanded she turn the vehicle around posthaste for some up-close examination. Now, one thing you should understand is that she (unlike myself) hates ALL things 'Camino. "They are the most pointless and stupid things on the road" was the term I believe she used. After an "in depth and thorough" discussion which caused us to travel a mile further up the road, I finally persuaded her to turn around for a closer look. I have to admit, this thing is probably one of the coolest truck/cars I have ever seen around. She was pretty pissed to hear that I was sending you guys these pics...it was all worth it in my eyes. Apparently the love/lack of love for El Caminos might be the cause of the most major rift in our relationship!


We hope it works out for you, Mark. We've only ever dated one girl who loathed El Caminos, and she was French, so go figure. Even our mom loved our El Camino. What kind of woman doesn't love an El Camino, Mark? We hate to break it to you, but it's the wrong kind of woman.

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