Flash Back To 2003 By Dancing Badly In A Mitsubishi Eclipse

Surely you guys remember this one.

If there was ever a car commercial that defined an era, it would have to be this Mitsubishi ad from 2003 where the kids are driving around in an Eclipse at night, listening to Dirty Vegas' "Days Go By" and showing off some truly terrible dance moves.

I watch this and I'm transported back to the early 2000s, complete with awful techno music, bad fashion and oversaturated colors in moves and TV commercials. I don't think anyone is really nostalgic for that era, nor will they ever be.

The thing is, as far as commercials go, this one is actually decent. While the Eclipse was no longer a real performance car by the time it reached its third generation, the ad isn't selling performance; it's selling hipness and youth culture with a catchy song. It makes me want to fire up Kazaa so I can download the MP3 and burn it to my next mix CD.

Of course, this is the ad that was famously ridiculed in the very first episode of Chapelle's Show, which I've included here as well for you guys.


Come to think of it, that's about the only thing I do miss from the early 2000s.

Do you remember this ad? What's your favorite generation of Eclipse?

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Woah a DSM related post?! That never happens, too bad its with the uber-girly 3g haha. I have a white 2g and sometime soon it'll look like this beast. All I need to do is delete the wing, slap on some coilovers, and get a set of rims. Everybody says the designers dropped the ball on the ass but I completely disagree.