Now this โ€” this is what we call entertaiment โ€” Woodward Avenue style! Here's some video Ray snagged last night of what we think is a 1954 Ford Crestline with a Chevy smallblock engine โ€” but the really cool part? Fire! Fire! Fire!

So what, you may ask, was going on in Metro Detroit this weekend that they have cars belching fire? Well, here's the deal โ€” although Woodward Avenue was always a haven to the cruiser class, it's been institutionalized over the past twelve years as a classic cruiser Mecca with the creation of the annual Woodward Dream Cruise. But what's made all of us car-crazies all the more crazy... the unofficial dream cruisin' that's been going on outside of non-designated Dream Cruise weekends. It's now to the point if it's a summer weekend and even mildly pleasant out โ€” the cars of the past will be out driving up the old Detroit by-ways โ€” by the droves. So we've sent our own man from the D out to document the goings-on and report back to us whenever a clear evening allows the classic pistons to be a-pumpin'.

You'll be able to follow along all summer on our Summer Woodward Cruise at the mini-site we've set up โ€” or, if you're RSS-inclined, here's the feed. Ray's first of many reports will be a picture gallery from this weekend you'll be able to see here tomorrow. These reports will culminate with the 12th Annual Woodward Dream Cruise on August 19th โ€” and you just wait โ€” we've got some special surprises in store. For the meantime, enjoy the flames of Ford.

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