Five Worst Parking Jobs Caught On Video

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The channel formerly-known-as-CourtTV's running more "reality" content — like these videos of the world's five worst parking jobs. Grab some popcorn, because this five videos are fun to watch.


5. Perpendicular Parking

Who needs a Smart Fortwo for easy metropolitan parking when you've got the highly tuned parking genius that this numb nut driver portrays.Click to view

4. Get Out of My Spot, B****!

See, truTV may call this one of the five worst parking jobs, but this seems more to us like one of the best. This woman takes no prisoners in her attempt to get the parking spot. We have to admire that level of can-do attitude.Click to view

3. Neutral State

Heading to the gas station to get a few gallons for his summer landscaping job, Mr. Shortland is just your typical, hard working college student. Drunk, high and/or just absentminded. Look out below!Click to view


2. Come Back Here!

We typically support our local law enforcement, but this cop deserves to be the butt of all jokes until... well, forever. We bet if he had double chocolate frosted donuts in the car he would run just a wee bit faster.Click to view


1. Just a Little Joke

This little joke turns out to be an awesome comedic performance featuring one blown up beer; one goofy yellow car; one super rare, real life double take; and a little ass-dragging behind said goofy yellow car.Click to view
[via truTV]



Frank Grimes

hilarious. The comedians commentary...annoying.