Fisker Recalls Karma Over Fire-Prone Hose Clamps, Again

Illustration for article titled Fisker Recalls Karma Over Fire-Prone Hose Clamps, Again

Despite past recalls, your Fisker Karma may still be trying to set you on fire. Fisker is recalling 19 Karmas for improperly-mounted hose clamps, just like they did last year.


As you heard last December when Fisker recalled 239 Karmas, improperly-positioned hose clamps could allow coolant to leak into the battery compartment, causing an electrical short and possibly a fire.

According to the company there have been no recorded incidents of these hose clamps actually starting fires (though we're curious what caused this), but given this recall, the last recall over hose clamps, and the Fisker battery recall in January, the Karma is getting a pretty bad reputation.

Photo Credit: Otis Blank


There is one of these on display at mall near my house, its a beast of a vehicle. Unlike the little Tesla, this thing is huge and menacing.