Fisker Assures Us They Have No Idea Why Their Cars Keep Catching On Fire

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Fisker took time to respond to the Fisker Karma fire we exclusively first reported this weekend. They agree with our analysis that the fire probably wasn't battery related.


Oh boy, aren't you happy! When your $100K luxury hybrid catches on fire that will surely warm your heart.


This weekend's fire took place in a Northern California grocery store parking lot as the vehicle's owner went in for some supplies. He came out to find a car that was starting to smoke. He called Fisker — for some reason — and they smartly advised him to call 911.

Here's what Fisker told us:

Evidence revealed thus far supports the fact that the ignition source was not the Lithium-ion battery pack, new technology components or unique exhaust routing.

The area of origin for the fire was determined to be outside the engine compartment. There was no damage to the passenger compartment and there were no injuries.

Continued investigative efforts will be primarily focused within the specific area of origin, located forward of the driver's side front tire.

What's more terrifying? Finding out the fire was caused by the car's unique exhaust setup (the exhausts are located next to the front wheel wells) or that Fisker doesn't know why roughly 1-in-500 cars bursts into flames for no reason while parked?

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Because some cars aren't looking to do anything logical like being practical or good value.

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