First Video Of Jules Bianchi Crash Shows How Violent The Impact Was

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After seeing the first video of Jules Bianchi's horrible crash at Suzuka, we're surprised he wasn't killed on impact. Yes, it is that bad. And we're very glad he wasn't, of course. Our fingers are still very crossed for his recovery.

While the doctors work hard to stabilize Jules Bianchi's condition, the Marussia team has issued a statement asking for everybody's patience out of respect towards the family.

This is the first video of the crash, shot by a spectator at Suzuka. If you don't want to see it, please don't click the video below.

Maybe Massa was right about the rain, because a crash like this should have not happened.

UPDATE: Many of you have mentioned the green flag waving above the incident, which seems disturbing in light of what's going on below. However, a commenter and frequent track marshal and numerous events, provides an explanation for why it's there:

The green flag is at the station AFTER the incident, which is per protocol - they had not yet deployed the safety car (single standing yellow + SC board all around the track) and were handling the Sutil car under a local yellow, following standard protocol. The station upstream is showing waved double-yellow (per FIA standard) as is correct.

Here's a GIF with the flag-waving highlighted, in case the video that's available doesn't make it clear. WARNING: Only watch if you wish to see the crash.

H/T to Axis of Oversteer!