First Trailer For New Knight Rider Airs, Features New Shelby-fied KITT, Flashing Red Lights and Will Arnett

If anyone happened to have been watching NFL Football last night on NBC, they'd have seen a quick 15 seconds of promo reel that'll make their heart beat just a few seconds faster this morning. The rainbow-colored network dropped their first promo for the new Knight Rider TV movie. It was only a few seconds long, but as soon as we saw the Ford/Shelby GT500KR logo flashing red lights and the voice of Will Arnett they had us at hello.

[Hat tip to Knight Rider Online!]


@Bumblebee: Yeah, those were my thoughts. KI3K (if you'll pardon the butchering) would of course have a different personality from KI2K; "advancements", which if they're smart, they'll draw some direct comparisons to the old show. "Like my predecessor, I can blah blah I'm awesome, but as in improvement in the AI subroutines in my positronic brain [okay, so I'm on a slight Asimov kick], I can also blah blah I'm more awesome than my predecessor."