The Tesla Model S has kicked out some wacky power readings, but it looks like somebody was able return 864 ft-lbs of torque with a P85D a few times in a row. Pretty impressive considering the factory claims about, oh, 177 lb-ft less. The shrieking jet wail the car makes in an enclosed garage is something else altogether.


DragTimesbrought this Tesla P85D to Horsepower Logic in Royal Palm Beach, Florida for a few pulls on their Mustang 4WD dynamometer. The machine seemed to have a lot of trouble accurately measuring the electric car's output, as the instantaneous torque "spun the tires... causing it to pull back power."


But with a bit of patience they were able to record a surging power curve like nothing I've seen on a dyno chart. Check out the results right here after you watch the ear-splitting pull.

Hat tip to Brooks!

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