First Tata Nano Review: "Amazingly Good"

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Since orders for the Tata Nano officially started being taken Monday, independent reviews are also beginning to roll out. The verdict? "Feels just like a car."

Autocar India has snagged the first drive and despite several backhanded compliments, the verdict is quite positive — for the price. The reviewers seem amazed the car is able to drive down the road and not feel like it's going to roll over at any moment. Sort of like Sarah Palin in Vice Presidential debates, if you set the bar so low you're only expecting to see a human being able to put a three-word sentence together, you can't not clear it. Thus, the reviews are filled with notes galore on the tiny wheels, flat seats, and comparisons to the Model T.


We're working to get Tata to agree to ship us one for a battery of tests including, but not limited to LeMons pit car duty, a RallyAmerica stage or three, clocking quarter mile times at Milan Dragway and reenacting our favorite Bollywood chase sequences. [AutoCar India, Youtube]