First-Person Video Shows Police Caught In Biker Brawl

In late September on Australia's Gold Coast, a brawl broke out between two biker gangs. Police were present, and recorded the shocking video of breaking up the fight.


The video was recorded from the vest of a Gold Coast police officer, reports What starts as a few thrown punches explodes into an extremely tense situation, with the group of cops tazing the initial fighters, only to be surrounded on two sides by many, many more 'bikies,' as bikers are known in Australia. You can hear one cop plead over the radio that the police present are "vastly outnumbered."

Mate, we're surrounded here, we need urgent assistance.

I need every available unit possible to this location, OK? I've got two sides, they're both about to go. It's clearly outnumbered.


The brawl happened on September 27th, but this video was only released six days ago as an effort to justify the Queensland government's ensuing crackdown on bikies. That's how Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie explained the footage, reports.

They really need to have a look at that footage, taken from the vest of a police officer, to understand why and get behind the Government.

I think Queenslanders can really now see an insight into the types of people we are dealing with.

That's why we make no apologies for these tough laws, the toughest in the country, laws dealing with these thugs that put fear and intimidation into the lives of Queenslanders.

Another article reports that dozens of arrests have been made since the brawl, one man was banned from the Gold Coast entirely, and new laws are in place to make the lives of biker gangs more difficult.

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