First Gear: Lake LaGuardia No Longer, Airport Re-Opens

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This is how New York's LaGuardia Airport looked right after Hurricane Sandy. But this morning, LaGuardia re-opened for business, meaning that all of the city's big airports are back in operation. Don't expect things to go smoothly, though. In fact, JetBlue moved its LaGuardia flights today over to its home back at JFK Airport, and Delta only expects to complete half of its usual LaGuardia schedule today. But JetBlue will be back Friday (at least, that's what it hopes) and things should ramp up over the weekend.

Sandy has been really hard on the nation's air system. Since Sunday, the airlines have canceled more than 19,500 flights. Newark Airport and JFK only came back to life on Wednesday and some of the smaller airports in the area were affected, too. Some of the crews who will be flying the planes may have trouble getting to the airport until the transit system improves. The one lucky thing for airlines is that this is a pretty slow period, and so it should be fairly simply to rebook the passengers who want to fly.

Photo: JetBlue Airways


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