Appearance-wise, the 2013 Lexus GS has actually grown on me. I can't constantly ding Toyota/Lexus for being beige without acknowledging their new luxo-cruiser gives me a slight tingle in my trouser area. The same can't be said for their first-ever Super Bowl ad.

I imagine the conversation at the ad agency went something like this:

BEARDED MAN IN GLASSES: The Koreans are quickly sweeping up the value buyers. We need more. We need excitement. We need to break out of our shell.

GIRL IN GLASSES: Yeah, the car can literally break out of an enclosure.

BEARDED MAN IN GLASSES: Yes. Absolutely. Then it can do a burnout or even hit a race track.


LEXUS EXEC: Whoa, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. What about instead of all that stuff it breaks free from its shackles and then just parks?

GIRL IN GLASSES: Yes sir Mr. Lexus Exec.