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"Hello, this is OnStar. We see you just spun your Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 into a wall at Road America. Do you require an ambulance or can we just come by and make fun of you?"


Okay, that's not exactly how that conversation went. But after Ken Thwaits had an unfortunate spinout in a new Camaro Z/28 — believed to be the first known crash of the most track-tastic Camaro yet — OnStar chimed in to ask if anyone was injured or needed help. And he was pretty surprised to learn where they were.


The crash occurred over the weekend at the USCA Optima Face Off at Road America, according to Bangshift. Here's how they say it went down:

When Ken crashed, he was leading the time attack style BFGoodrich Hot Lap Challenge, and pushed it just that much too far. I say that, but in all honesty the move the car made did have some of us wondering if a suspension component failure could have been to blame. Until they get it back to the shop, we won't know.

Thankfully no one was injured.

As is customary when a newer GM car crashes, the incident triggered a call from an OnStar dispatcher who asked if anyone needed medical attention. He did seem kind of incredulous when Thwaits told him they were on a race track, though. The exchange is pretty funny.

The good news is Thwaits has a backup Camaro, an SS 1LE, that he'll be running at the next event, according to Bangshift. Obviously he's a good sport if he's willing to post video of the incident on his Facebook page.


Hat tip to Chris!

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