First Camaro Crap-Out Comes 40 Miles From Dealership

Maybe worse than the first Camaro wreck is the first Chevy Camaro breakdown. This "p**sy magnet" Bumblebee-yellow Camaro lost all electrical power and coasted to a stop with a scant 40 miles on the odometer.


The ecstatic new owner, a forum fan-girl by the name of BUMLB, was crushed when the car conked-out cruising through a parking lot at a leisurely 5 MPH, completely losing all electrical power, locking the gear selector and the key in the ignition. A flatbed towed the disabled car to a dealer where diagnosis found the cable running from the trunk mounted battery had frayed on the starter motor and grounded out, causing complete loss of power. A new cable running a different route will be installed at the dealer. Hopefully this isn't something we'll be seeing more of on other cars. [Camaro5]

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