This is the 2019 BMW Z4 Before You're Supposed to See It

Official press photos have been leaked for the upcoming 2019 BMW Z4, all before its official release later this month at the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance. It looks pretty good without all that camouflage!

Leaked photos were first found this morning on the Belgian automotive website, and more leaked photos have been cropping up as well, including arty overhead shots like this:


There’s a bunch more, even!


There’s some good interior shots, too, where you can see the all-LCD gauge cluster and center-stack screen:


I have to commend BMW for finally moving away from fake-analog skeuomorphic gauges. This is a refreshing change.


There’s also a good shot of some other controls and the shifter, showing BMW’s iDrive joypad controller knob thing and a measly one USB port.

There’s even shots of the engine—well, really, engine cover:


Like all engine covers, it sort of looks like some sci-fi stormtrooper’s chest armor.

Really, we’ve known what this thing will look like for quite a while, from patents and seeing prototypes galavanting around all over the place.


Yep, the patent wasn’t lying. Though I do sort of like the full, flat disc wheels of the patent image, there.

We also have yet to see official images of the Z4’s sister car, the new Toyota Supra, but when we do it’ll be interesting to see what body panels, if any, they share.


It’s interesting to compare it to the original E85 BMW Z4, from 2002 to 2008. The new one keeps similar proportions, but lacks some of the crispness of the original Z4, as well as that fantastic side indicator repeater:


Man, I loved that repeater.

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