Fire Truck May Have Run Over Asiana Airlines Crash Victim

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The death toll from Saturday's Asiana Airlines Flight 124 crash in California stands at two people, but authorities are working to determine whether one of those victims was run over by a fire truck at the scene.


NBC News reports that the San Mateo County Coroner's Office will conduct an autopsy to determine if one of the 16-year-old Chinese girls who died was killed in the crash or in a "secondary incident." The county coroner was alerted by the San Francisco Fire Department "that a fire truck may have played a role in the death of one of the girls," the station reported.

They report that said one of the bodies was found on the tarmac near where the plane's tail broke off when it slammed into the runway, and the other was found about 30 feet away from where the plane came to rest after it skidded down the runway. When the plane crashed into the runway, dozens of fire trucks and ambulances approached the scene.

The autopsy is expected to be completed this evening, according to NBC News.

Obviously, this crash was horrific enough on its own. I certainly hope for the sake of the young girl's family, and for the rescue personnel involved, that this wasn't the case. We'll find out soon.

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Der Sportwagoner

Most likely finding is that the girl was killed in the crash and run over by the truck. but the truck didn't kill her. Hard to imagine anyone being ejected from a crashing airplane onto a tarmac and still being alive.