Finnish Parliament Member Drives Audi A7 Down Parking Garage Stairs

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I know the Finns have a well-deserved reputation for being some of the world’s best drivers, so maybe that’s why its so weirdly satisfying to see not just any Finn, but a member of the Finnish Parliament engage in the sort of automotive stupidity we know well here in America. In this case, member of Parliament Anne-Mari Virolaine drove her Audi A7 down some stairs.


From what I can tell by looking at the video and Google-translating the article, it looks like Virolaine was trying to park her lovely diesel A7 when the snowy conditions caused the car to slide into the stairwell.

At least, that’s what it sounds like. Here’s what Virolaine’s husband had to say about it, at least according to Google Translate:

“I’ve driven it there. Snow, slippery and carelessness. Went to the sled. Unbelievable but true.”


For some reason, only Virolaine’s husband seems to be quoted in the article. Well, there is one quote from the MP herself, and I think it’s saying she’s too busy to comment?

“I am in parliament at work, so I have not shaved since.”

Maybe I’m a typical ignorant American, but I had no idea there was that much shaving involved in Finnish government work. Live and learn!


The husband chimes in again, to explain how he found out about the accident, after seeing what he suspected was their car on Facebook posts:

“Came as soon as the evil premonitions. I tried to call her, but she did not respond. Then I put the message that whether it’s ours. He replied that “yes, do not ask for any more. Towing is coming.”


I’m guessing the last “he” should be “she?” Google Translate is so close to being amazing. Close. That “yes, do not ask for any more” part, though, if familiar to anyone married in any language.

Anyway, the upshot here is that even a Finn, a Parlimentary-grade Finn, can end up driving down some stairs like a good old American idiot if the weather conditions are just right.


So, be careful out there?