If you’re a modern computerist, chances are you’ve already been inundated with these ‘Find The Panda’ images. It’s safe to say that at the end of this year of our Lord, 2015, the world has become obsessed with panda locating. As a gearhead, I was feeling a bit left out, since a panda is a mammal, not a car. But I have a solution! My friends, please try and find the Fiat Panda!


Just like the original Find The Panda (started by artist Dudolf, I should add), the puzzle is simple: a bunch of simple hand-drawn somethings that are obscuring a panda. In our case, it’s a parking lot full of a bunch of ‘80s-era hatchbacks (and some Volvo 240s) with one Fiat Panda hidden in the mix.

Can you find it? Of course you can. I believe in you.

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