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A couple summers ago on a road trip through California, I came across an intersection that had a street with my last name, and also gave me an empire. Because I have an insatiable appetite for dumb coincidences, I got a photo of me standing next to the sign. With this new website, I can now find every Felton Road, Street, or Avenue in the world.


Look at that! Nearly 800 intersections with Felton. USA Today compiled a list of amusing crossroads, but I’m wondering what else is out there.

Charming, Berkeley County, South Carolina. Is there simmering tension between folks who live on Hell Hole Road and Little Hell Hole Road?


Ah, neat. Wild Ass Times Road in San Luis Obispo. (Speaking of wild times in San Luis Obispo, did you see this yesterday?) Anyone ever take a ride down Wild Ass Road? Or how about Ass Flat Half Ranch Lane?


Dirty Foot, ew.


“Yeah, meet me at the corner of Crazy Mountain and Hairball Lane. Cool.”


I could do this all day.

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