Find Out Which Totalitarian Government Made The Best People’s Car

Anyone can be a car enthusiast. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you drive. But it takes a special kind of maniac to own and love a car in New York City. If you’re gonna do it, you better do it in something interesting.


This week on our new TV show Car vs. America, we’re out to discover what it really takes to be a car enthusiast in the Big Apple. It’s a place where brutal potholes, endless traffic and no space to wrench—let alone park!—make it incredibly hard to indulge in your love of speed.


Unless, of course, you get creative. Or are rich. That helps too.

Our hosts Michael Ballaban and Raphael Orlove are definitely not rich, but they are New York car owners, and true men of the people. So much so that they both own people’s cars.

Mike rocks a 1991 Yugo GV, while Raphael putters about in an engine-swapped 1974 Volkswagen Beetle. They’re both bad! I’ll let you guess which one is worse.

This week we’ll see which people’s car with origins in totalitarianism—one designed under Nazi Germany, the other built in communist Yugoslavia—is best suited to dealing with modern day New York. The guys are doing a race in these cars through Brooklyn and Queens, and they’ll have help from this humble editor and superstar staff writer Kristen Lee.

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Which of these mighty machines would you drive?

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8Ringer (irrational hater of Subaru)

I vote for the 2018 Corvette from the USA.

Too soon?